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The Rohto Beast of Burden Summer 100 Miler & 24 Hour Ultra

Posted on 19 April 2010

Information provided by race director: Sam Pasceri

Location, Date: Lockport, New York – August 21st, 2010 10:00am
Website: (will be live in a couple weeks)

This is the Inaugural Summer Race!

Start/ check in time, 10:00am (Sam is allowing everyone to sleep in!) Expect lots of sun and the typical weather will ranges from the low of 60 degrees Fahrenheit to the high during the day in the low to high 80′s

Race Director: This is Sam Pasceri’s second race as Race Director. The Inaugural Winter Beast of Burden was a huge success this past February and Sam’s first shot as an RD. Sam is an experienced ultra distance runner/triathlete (he currently races) and knows the key components of what athletes are interested in for a long distance race.

Entry Fee: The early bird registration is a steal at $99.00. The Winter Beast of Burden had the best “shwag-bags” (goodie bag) in the sport of ultra running with a value over $250.00! Finishers get belt buckles! Racers don’t need to go shopping since the aid stations are very well stocked. Sam’s team will be serving pizza, subs, sandwiches, pretzels, crackers, soda, water, Heed, Gu and much, much more!

What makes the race memorable for athletes: This is the only ultra event that takes place on the historic Erie Canal. The course is flat and very friendly for first time runners attempting 100 miles or 24 hours.

Where do most of the athlete’s come from for the race (what states)? The Winter Beast of Burden brought racers from 12 different states and three different countries.

Aiirport close to the venue – The Buffalo International airport is only 40 minutes away.

Are there hotels close to the start – The host hotel is only 5 minutes from the starting line. Check website for specific information.

Is there anything in the area to keep the kids busy during the race or do I want to leave them home ? The start finish is in a park like setting. People are encouraged to bring their kids down and cookout and help cheer the runners on. There’s also great fishing in the canal.

In terms of logistics is the race a point to point or does the race start and finish in the same area? The race is a 25 mile loop course (12.5 miles out and then back) so no transportation concerns back to the start.

Are there an abundance of bathroom facilities or porto-potties at the start/finish and out on the course?
here are public restrooms at the start/finish with showers. Also, a custom motorcoach will be located at the mid aid station which has a bathroom. At the turn-around there will be port-o-potties and racers can choose to use public rest rooms (but are slightly off course).

Are there any specific training idea’s to prepare the athlete for the race, based on the specific course terrain?
This is one of the best running surfaces out there. 99% of the path is crushed cinder and very easy on the body. There is under 300 feet of elevation for 100 miles! It’s probably the flattest 100 miler in the world!

Any traffic issues to be concerned about on the course? Athletes will cross one road. Traffic will be directed by aux. Police.

Any advice for a first timer As mentioned this is a great race for first timers and best advice is to just keep moving forward and stay hydrated.

Aid stations, how many on the course, what are the specific items/products at the aid stations
Many racers from the Winter race told Sam and his team that they offered the best aid stations and they plan on doing the same thing for the summer race. There will be 3 aid stations over the course of 12.5 miles. These are fully stocked. Athlete’s shouldn’t need to go shopping before this race. As Sam mentioned “We have it all! (well, almost)”.

Is the course clearly marked, what is used? -This is the easiest course out there to follow.  There is one bridge crossing and then it’s a clear shot to the turn-around.  You won’t get lost.

Is there a race expo? Yes!

Budget Items for summary of costs:
a. Race entry Fee: $99 (early bird special)
b. Hotel: $90
c. How many dinners/ meals to buy: There are nor pre/post race meals however, athletes are welcome to stay and cook out or feast on the delicious aid station food.

Are there grocery stores close by, if so how far from the start of the race? There’s a grocery store about 2 miles from the start/finish

Will there be water and or coffee at the start of the race? Yes

There is cell phone coverage in the area and a race photographer will be on the course getting some action shots.

Why should an athlete consider this race? Whether you’re an experienced runner or first timer the Summer Beast of Burden 100 miler or 24 hour ultra is a great way to see the historic Erie Canal. The race is very friendly for new comers since as there is an abundance of well stocked aid stations. For the experienced runners you’ll have an opportunity to PR since the course is very flat and fast.

What is Rohto?  They are a global eye care company and without their title sponsorship it would be difficult to have the race.

Rohto® Cooling Eye Drops: (from their corporate site)

  • Rohto is a global eye care company with the US headquarters in Orchard Park, NY.
  • Check out –  brand new website for further product information and retail locations
    • We have 4 different product offerings: Rohto Cool, Rohto Ice and Rohto Arctic and our cooling redness relievers and Rohto Hydra is our cooling lubricant eye drop. All are available in major drug chains (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid) and grocery stores
  • Our tag line is “Uniquely Cool, Clearly Different”.

As evident with Sam’s success with the winter race, expect the same well directed race for the summer edition! Check out Buffalo this summer!

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