Why Race in Endurance sports – Top 10 Reasons

Posted on 03 April 2010

This question comes up in our conversations as endurance sport athletes with our non athletic friends and family all the time.    We all have different reasons for racing and participating in the various endurance races throughout the world.   In my 25 years of racing, it still amazes me how often in comes up in conversation.

Here are my top 10 (no specific order of importance)

  1. Love  the competition and great “cross-over” benefits in business and all aspects of life.
  2. Enjoy the mental challenge of pushing through the “tough spot’s” during a race.  Best form of mental strength training!
  3. Competing in new events outside of core specific sport strength keeps things challenging and eliminates “burn-out”
  4. Of course, good health benefits as we all know-but racing is “good for the mind” and a great stress reducer.
  5. Build life-long relationships with competitors, crews along with race directors.
  6. Achievement of a life-time goal and crossing the finish line of a “big” event.
  7. Experience spectacular views especially in the mountains where cars and the general public can’t get see.
  8. A race can enhance  the vacation/holiday travel experience - especially the food when racing outside of your normal home base!
  9. It’s the passion!
  10. Great indicator if the training plan is working or that it’s time to change or enhance the program.

Enjoy your racing and I hope that Endurance Racing Report and RaceTwitch.com race database/user reviews help you to find some new races to add to your future schedules.    Please comment and send me your Top 10 Reasons to Race!

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