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Drake Well Marathon and Half Race Review

Posted on 16 June 2010

Race information provided by Dane Rauschenberg.  This is the third year of the race.
Race Location:  Titusville, PA about 45 minutes south of Lake Erie.
Race Date:   Sunday, August 22nd.  Both races begin at 7AM
The race director is in his second year and is assisted by marathon runner, Dane Rauschenberg
1. What’s the entry fee and what does the athlete get with respect to shirt, medal, food, etc.  
2. Is there unisex sizing for the race shirts? ~$65 for Marathon ~$35 for half.  Tech shirt and medal for all finishers.  Unisex seizing.
3. What makes the race memorable for athletes?   Any recent changes to the course, race, etc.? Running alongside Oil Creek under a canopy of Trees on a closed to car traffic bicycle path. Running through Titusville, PA with its oil-rich history and gorgeous homes from the turn of the century.
4. Is there a pre-race/post-race dinner?   What kind of food/ assume pasta? There will be a pre race pasta dinner for a nominal fee.
5. How has the growth been with the race? Steady.  Race has no desire to be a megalith race but one that focuses more on giving those who attend a wonderful experience
6. Where do most of the athlete’s come from for the race (what states)? Mostly the Tri-state area of PA, NY, OH however attracts from states all across the country and numerous foreign countries as well.
7. Is there an airport close to the venue? Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo are all just within an hour drive away with Erie airport one hour away.’
8. Are there hotels close to the start. There is one hotel just two miles from the start and other bed and breakfasts in town as well.
9. Is there anything in the area to keep the kids busy during the race or do I want to leave them home ? Plenty of activities for the kids including milling around the finish area which is a sports complex of baseball fields, a BMX track and the finishline track and bleachers.
10. In terms of logistics is the race a point to point or does the race start and finish in the same area?  If point to point, is there transportation back to the start for athletes? The race starts just .25 of a mile from where it finishes.
11. Are there an abundance of bathroom facilities or porto-potties at the start/finish and out on the course? There are adequate restroom facilities for the number of runners planning on attending.
12. Are there any specific training idea’s to prepare the athlete for the race, based on the specific course terrain.  There are two large hills for the marathoners to contend with in the first few miles but after that the second half follows the half marathon course (who start there and are completely out of the way of any runner) alongside the flat, forgiving bicycle path.
13. Any traffic issues to be concerned about on the course. Virtually none. One small section of running on the side of a road with police officers for about half a mile and then once road crossing on a dead end street where a marshal will escort runners.
14. Any advice for a first timer. Besides the two hills this is a course that does not offer many challenges with regards to footing, terrain or elevation.  It is a small ace which has a few spectators in town but very few alongside the bicycle path.  If people are looking for a Rock N Roll event, they are not going to get it here.
15. Aid stations, how many on the course, what are the specific items/products at the aid stations. TBD but plan to have water and drinks every other mile
16. Is the course clearly marked, what is used? Runners are directed through town with painted arrows and course marshalls.  Once on the bicycle path there are no deviations possible unless one brings a canoe or a bushwacking kit.
17. Is there a race expo? TBD
18. Budget Items for summary of costs:
Race entry Fee: 65
Hotel: 50/night
19. Are there grocery stores close by, if so how far from the start of the race: Wal-mart Superstore is two miles from start.
20. Will there be water and or coffee at the start of the race: TBD
21. Is there cell phone coverage in the area? Mostly.
22. Is there a race photographer on the course? TBD
23. Why should an athlete consider this race? To experience a beautiful run with fantastic prizes through an area that shaped the world we lived in with its rich oil history and a town which supports athletics.
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