Ironman Triathlons – The growth continues

Posted on 24 June 2010

As many you have probably heard there was an announcement by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) yesterday that they have added a new Ironman to North America.  The race will be held just north of Houston, TX at the Woodlands.

As with every other Ironman, I would expect the race to sell out quickly as registration starts tomorrow.   I can already “see” the many endurance athletes everywhere jumping online tomorrow at 12PM CDT to get an entry into the race.   This growth curve for all endurance sports continues to amaze me with lotteries, quick sellouts, fun runs and all the new events popping up around the world.

Many athletes compete for various reasons including the challenge of achieving a lifetime goal, racing for a charity for a loved-one lost, the follow up to a body transformation from “getting healthy”,  loss of a job during this recession to allow for training, etc.    Of course this remarkable growth like everything else will eventually decrease but for the time being it’s like the go-go years of the stock market in the 1990′s!    I hope that many of the new athletes remain in the sport and “give back” to their specific sport disciplines through volunteering at races, trail maintenance or coaching another friend to complete his/her first race.  The “healthy” and racing lifestyle is marketed everywhere by corporations and unlike their profit motives we all need to remember to enjoy the journey and have fun.

Racing is a blast for all of us, but don’t forget that times will change eventually and the key is to spread the word and share the experiences with all your “converted friends”.

For those of you trying to get into the new race – good luck and warm up your “typing” fingers to get your entry into the new Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas and of course a full warm down and stretching to ensure adequate recovery!!

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