Racing this Weekend!

Posted on 11 June 2010

Well, we finally launched the worldwide endurance racing resource this week –   Check out the site and find some future races to add to your calendar and of course that dream race.   There are over 5,000 races in the database and will continue to expand each month.   There site is no cost to use the site  and you are not required to register for access to the database (We wanted to make it user-friendly as personally I know the experience of registering on a site first to get information and of course more user-names and passwords!). Registration on the site will allow you to submit races,  add race reviews and receive race updates via email.

I did a search this morning on RaceTwitch by tomorrow’s date – June 12th just for fun and there are 111 races going on around the world (of course more than that in actuality but our database is growing so we will capture more and more in the future )!   By searching for  a specific date range  you can target specific races and locations - so have some fun.    Also, we will be adding a video tutorial of all the features of the site including race reviews, race submissions, and race searching.

An interesting race to check out for those of you who like to swim is the annual Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.   The race begins in the Hudson River and travels through the East River and Harlem River.  It consists of a 28.5 mile swim and there is a solo and relay option available to athletes.   Check this race out and the entry requirements which are significant for next year’s event.   If any of you are taking on this challenge tomorrow have a successful race!

Everyone have a blast this weekend if your racing and for those of us (me included) a long weekend of training fun!

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