Training in the Heat – 5 Tip’s

Posted on 07 July 2010

Ok, we all know it’s hot in many parts of the United States.  I live on the east coast and of course we are in a weather pattern of high temperatures and suffocating humidity.   However, it’s been mentioned again and again by the media to not go outside, watch exercise, bad air quality, on and on and on.  I am sick of hearing about it  and if we are all sensible (yes my wife tells me I don’t have a lot of sense especially when I tell her about some new multi day endurance race in another country that I want to do!) it’s not that difficult to train in these conditions as the body gets acclimated to the temperatures.  Just look at the athletes getting ready for a dessert runs such as Badwater.  Will you set a PR or have great training sessions every day in the heat?  No!   Use the heat to your advantage in a race and train in it as you would if preparing in the cold for a winter race.

1.   I have been on so many 1- 1.5 hour runs with people who don’t carry water and stop at one water pump midway through the run and are so dehydrated that they end up walking to finish the workout.   TAKE A WATER BOTTLE EVEN ON YOUR SHORTER RUNS!  It’s not a race and forget about the added weight.

2.  Hydrate extensively the night before your early morning workout.   To keep the legs fresh add a protein shake before going to bed.   It will help the legs from that “heavy and dead” feeling.

3.  Each a ton of fruit and vegetables as they contain a large amount of water and keep the body hydrated.

4.  Just reduce – NOT ELIMINATE hard interval sessions on the run or bike.  Focus on keeping the interval sets shorter in duration if your doing them during the heat of the day.   You can do intervals or hard training efforts during the hottest part of the day as it will enable the body to acclimate so when it’s race day it’s not a death march!   All races don’t start and end in the coolest parts of the day. Wear a heart rate monitor to make sure you remain in your target zone which might mean you have to slow down.

5. Consume a balanced replacement drink immediately following this sweaty workout.   It will reduce soreness dramatically and pre-plan this depending on your location (not returning to your home).

Enjoy the heat, be smart/safe  and most important don’t be a wimp and get out there!

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