Top 10 Favorite Races of All Time

Posted on 19 August 2010

As evident by the explosion of endurance sports races throughout the world and so many to add to the schedule every year a question comes to my mind, what were my favorite races of all time. There are so many factors to consider when evaluating races but there are several that stand out for me for various reasons.    In my 25 years of racing this is a tough one!

How about you? What’s your top 10 and maybe what are your future top 10 on the dream list?   Everyone has different reasons to race: competing against oneself, overcoming significant life hurdles, or fellow athletes. One thing in common is when you get the bug and get hooked it becomes an integral part of our life.

My top 10 (no specific order)

1. DECA Ironman – dream race from when I read an article about it in Triathlete Magazine in the 1990′s.  10 Ironmans in 10 Days nothing like it!

2. Pittsburgh Marathon – first marathon and of course nothing like crossing the line of the first marathon finish

3. Butler Triathlon – sprint triathlon and where the passion started in 1986

4. Vermont 100 Mile Running Race – All Time favorite 100 miler

5. San Diego 24 Hour Run – no longer around, but the venue at Mission Bay watching the sunrise was a memory forever

6. Squaw Peak 50 Mile Run – First time running a tough high mountain/Western trail ultra – plenty of memories and stories from this one!

7. Ross 5K – My first running race in 1985!

8. Lake Sunapee Ironman – Nothing like the first Ironman Finish

9. Vail Snowshoe Hill Climb – what a tough run up the mountain!

10. Hungary Double Ironman – First experience racing in Europe with all my ultra tri friends

Well, as I was thinking of this list I had another 15-20 races that could easily be added to my list.   Try it out and let me know what were your all time favorites.  Need to find a race, check out one of the over 7,728 races on

Happy Racing!

2 Responses to “Top 10 Favorite Races of All Time”

  1. Bill Gentry says:

    1. Umstead 100-Miler. This March I grabbed my 10th finish there.

    2. Hinson Lake 24-Hour. Low key. Old school. Great fun.

    3. 3 Days at the Fair. Look it up. A classic-in-the-making.

    4. The Ring. A 71-mile trip around my Virginia’s Massanutten Mountains. Rocks. Roots. Climbs. A lifetime in less than 24 hours.

    5. Highlands Sky 40-Miler.

    6. Mountain Masochist Trail Run 50-Miler.

    7. Old Dominion 100-Miler.

    8. The Wild Oak Trail 50-Miler.

    9. Promised Lake 50km.

    10. Catherine’s FA 50km.

  2. Laurademeo says:

    Love the list– my favorites are:
    1. Falmouth Road race– annual family tradition– we all run. Extremely organized and draws attention of the big time Elite runners
    2. Lake Placid Ironamn– love the course!
    3. Double Dipsea– very scenic and challenging 14 mile trail run!!
    4. Eagleman–have to add it because it is a classic traditional race I do– for past 8 years. Even though it can get incredibly hot.

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