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“Beyond the Ironman” upcoming ultra triathlon book

Posted on 23 September 2010

So the question for many veteran Ironman triathletes is “Well I have done the Ironman” what’s next to push the body and mind further?    I have been thinking of writing a book over the past several years to inform, educate,  and prepare athletes for ultra distance triathlons which extend the length of the standard Ironman distance race. Endurance racing with triathlons, running, cycling and other disciplines is my passion and now time to share some knowledge of 25 years racing to inspire individuals to attempt one of these ultra distance triathlons.
Beyond the Ironman provides an in-depth overview of the types of events that take place around the world, offers specific training ideas/schedules, and helps you design a plan that meets your needs.  You will not be able to successfully tackle the challenge of an Ultra triathlon without commitment, goal setting, tenacity, and more importantly desire; but through the use of my training programs including the most important component – mental training, I hope to help other athletes reach goals and achieve the dream of triumphantly soaring over the finish line.  As I have experienced, these races are full of lifetime memories and life changing experiences.
It’s been fun designing the book and personally remembering all the various items I have added and changed in my training from the first Double Ironman to the Deca.   As with ultrarunning races, I have learned many different strategies and racing experience that I know will be valuable information for those looking for a new challenge.
If all goes well, look for the book January 2011!

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