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Stretched leg sitting (modified) for stiff athletes

Posted on 07 September 2010

By RaceTwitch pro-Team member Kata GĂ©mes.

If your lower back and hamstrings are too tight you can do the stretched leg sitting exercise only with one leg:

Sit on the floor and stretch one leg forward. Bend your other leg, placing your foot to your tight. If you feel pain in the knee of your bended leg you can put the foot down the floor beside the stretched leg.

Try to pull your patella toward you hip on the stretched leg, so your tight muscles must be hard. Try to bend your foot toward your hip as much as you can.

Keep this stretched position and slowly stretch your lower back forward and try to reach your toes.

If you cannot reach them without bending your knee use a towel or a band to pull your toes (foot) toward your belly as you keep the stretching in your lower back.

While you inhale keep your back stretched and pull your toe toward your hip. While you exhale try to pull your chest closer to your tight.

Keep the position for 15 inhale-exhale cycle.

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