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Personal Reflections on the Budapest Marathon

Posted on 12 October 2010

I wanted to highlight a great experience I had at the Budapest Marathon.  For those of you who enjoy traveling to different destinations to race and have not considered Budapest, it’s a must do race!  The city reminds me of Paris and don’t be concerned about knowing the local Hungarian language – almost everyone speaks English.   It was very easy to navigate the city as well.  The race course is flat, fast and very scenic and travels through the city and across/along the Danube River a couple times.   Could you set your marathon PR at this race, no question yes!


Budapest Marathon

We experienced a rainy day for the race but it did not diminish the fine venue for a marathon.   The volunteers were unbelievable and very upbeat in the tough weather conditions.  It was amazing to see the large amount of international runners from all over the globe wearing their specific country colors proudly.   One of the most memorable aspects of the race is a section running along the Danube River and the Parliment Building is just amazing.  The immense size and beauty was remarkable and I recall looking at it while running with a friend from Budapest and said to him this building seems to be exceptionally long!    I especially liked the section across the river where the runners run along the Danube going in both directions (side by side).  You could see the runners facial expressions of really pushing it to the limit.  

For those of you looking for a great race”deal” with plenty of free “swag” this race had it all.   Not only the normal tech shirt, but a hat, plenty of items in the pre-race bag.  Then at the finish you get not only the normal medal, but another bad of items including more food, etc. and a can of beer!   The marathon offered deals on hotels that were very reasonable and Budapest is definitely a city you need to add a couple days of vacation/holiday either before or after the race.   The Hungarian food dishes are amazing!

So, the question is, will I be back in 2011 – absolutely!!    Fantastic marathon and definitely a first class event for a mid-sized marathon.  Check it out at  also if you did the race, please add a review on    

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