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Do a Community Ironman Please!

Posted on 29 October 2010

– Update: The WTC has decided to rescind it’s new Ironman Access Program. I can only imagine how many complaints they received over the last 24 hours!

The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) recently announced that it’s going to introduce a new exclusive athlete membership program – Ironman Access.   The membership fee is $1,000 per year and will give the athlete the opportunity to register for an Ironman event before the normal registration for all other competitors.   You must be kidding me!   When I read this it’s just one more reason that I will never do another one of these Ironman races.  It will be interesting to see how many Tri-Geeks will be lined up to spend more money on this new program.
Spending $575 for an entry fee to an Ironman is outrageous to me and with this new program, I just assumed you could spend the $1,000 for the year and there would be some offset for an entry fee for a specific Ironman race.  Well guess what the fee does not provide any reduction in the entry fee!  
There are some additional benefits with the Ironman Access that are worthless:

  1. A nifty membership ID Card
  2. A second chance in the Ironman Lottery Program
  3. Two VIP passes for an event
  4. Subscription to Lava Magazine
  5. Some discounts on
  6. Ironman DVD of Hawaii World Championship

As you can see, this is just another commercial marketing/money making scheme for the WTC.   Consider supporting a “community: Ironman distance race in the future.  There are plenty of great races around the world that won’t cost you thousands of dollars when you consider the cost of travel, hotels, car rentals and of course the $575 entry fee!  

What are your thoughts on the new WTC program?  Love to hear your comments.

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