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Long Distance Traveling to Races, 5 Questions

Posted on 01 October 2010

Traveling to a specific destination races is a personal passion that I have enjoyed thoroughly over the years. Through all my travels, there have been many learning experiences. In addition to the specific race think about the following questions and how you will handle them when traveling.

What are your answers to the following questions with regards to traveling to races?

  1. If your racing in a location that has higher altitude, heat, extreme cold (winter racing), how many days should you arrive to get acclimated?
  2. Food choices may be an issue if your traveling outside of your country. Many of your normal food items might not available. How many times have you seen an athlete that has a “sour” stomach during an event because of the specific food choices available prior to race.
  3. Jet Lag- dealing with time zone changes can be difficult for some. Again, how many days to you need to acclimate to get your sleep pattern back to normal?
  4. Do you add a vacation/holiday to your travels and if so when do you do it (prior to the race or after the race)?
  5. Lost luggage and not arriving prior to the start of the race, know what your alternatives are prior to getting to the destination. Can you find equipment to rent or a sporting goods store to purchase various items?

Yes, there are plenty more and we all have different opinions to the above questions, let me know what you have experienced. The key is not to panic when something does not go according to plan. Have fun traveling and racing and create some lifetime memories (good and bad)!

2 Responses to “Long Distance Traveling to Races, 5 Questions”

  1. Wayne Kurtz says:

    Joe, great advice on eating your normal food as close as possible. Thanks for all the tips.

  2. Joe says:

    1. I arrived in Kona 7 days before the race, out here it is extremely hot and humid for October,
    and the tropical sun is relentless. No doubt the longer you are here before the race the better!!

    2. I try to eat as closely as I would to normal before the race as possible. In Kona they have plenty of big chain type restaurants like there is back home. I’ll stay with the food I’m used to!! don’t take any chances with “locals only” type food until after the race

    3. Jet lag is a bitch!! 7 days before race day is plenty of time to get acclimated, I stay up in the new time zone 9 or 10 pm before I go to sleep and stay in bed until 6 am or so. I also avoid taking naps until my body adjusts to the new time zone.

    4. After the race is vacation time!! I’ll eat at some of the local type restaurants and eat some of local cuisine and go sightseeing and generally have fun.

    5. I make sure I arrive with plenty of time before race day. If I happen to forget to pack something or the airline guys break or lose something. I’ll check with the race director or other athletes that live in the area about where the local bike/running store would be.

    Joe Donahue

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