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Memorable Places to fit in your workout while traveling

Posted on 08 October 2010

racetwitch memorable places to workout I was sitting the airport the other day, thinking about some of the most unusual places to get a workout in while traveling.  When you have the “passion” for endurance sports and that obsessive compulsive nature that many of us have, it’s always interesting to reflect on where we have worked out.

Here are my top 6 memorable places that I have fit in my workout:

  1. After spending 16 hours in the Atlanta airport with weather delays for business (in dress shoes and a suit), I ran up and down (hill repeats) the escalators.  If you have ever been to Atlanta they are nice and long and steep!  Of course I had my massive briefcase for additional weight on my back.   Yes, sweating in a suit, then the quick cleanup in the bathroom and all good to go!
  2. While at a hotel in Chicago, I ran the stairs barefoot because I forgot my running shoes.  It was dumping feet of snow outside and did not want to ruin my dress shoes!
  3. Swimming 1600 laps in a hotel indoor swimming pool that was about 13 yards long!
  4. Remembering the workouts at the fitness clubs inside airports prior to 9/11.  They were fret, lockers, showers, everything you need.  Of course the indoor bikes with uncomfortable seats, no air circulation and puddles of sweat.
  5. Running in a real scary area in Los Angeles when the hotel manager said it’s completely safe!
  6. Getting lost on a run in a Philadelphia suburb (soaking wet with sweat 90, degrees with humidity) I hitchhiked my way back, getting picked up in a nice Mercedes.  Imagine what the seat looked like when I jumped out after that ride:-)

Ok, what are your most memorable training sessions while traveling?   Send them over to or comment here!

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