Planning For 2011 Racing Season

Posted on 21 October 2010

Well this is the time of the year we all are either finished racing or a couple key races left.  It’s always amazing how fast the racing season goes by each year.  The buildup, peak, taper and then race day and it’s all over.  This is a good time to start evaluating the season and thinking of some races to fill up the calendar.

I made a post on Facebook the other day to see what races many athlete’s are planning on for 2011.  The various races sparked my curiosity to check a few of these as for my future racing season(s).   Take a look at this list.  Check out, for a few for next year.  We will be updating the entire database of races mid November – December.

If you are a race director, please email us at with your dates for your 2011 race!

Take a look at a few of these races:

  • Boston Marathon
  • Savannah Marathon
  • Catalina 50 Mile Run
  • Los Angeles Marathon
  • Big Sur Marathon
  • San Francisco Marathon
  • The Track Outback Race
  • North Face 100KM Run
  • Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Run
  • Transrockies Run
  • John Muir Trail (run)
  • Cascade Crest 100 Mile Run
  • Leadville 100 Mile Run
  • Venice Beach to Virginia Beach 3100 Mile Run
  • Massanutten 100 Mile Run
  • Umstead 100 Mile Run
  • Western States 100 Mile Run
  • UTMB Badwater California 70.3
  • Triathlon Ironman
  • Texas Ironman
  • Cozumel Ironman
  • South Africa
  • Paris Brest Paris Bike Ride
  • 1 X 20 Ironman  (Double Deca Ironman)
  • Spartathlon
  • Norseman Extreme Triathlon
  • Brazil 135 Mile Run
  • Barkley Ultramarathon
  • The Death Race
  • Pine To Palm 100 Mile Run
  • JFK 50 Mile Run
  • Three Days at the Fair 48 Hour Run
  • Around the Isle of Mors in Denmark 100 Mile Run
  • Deca Ironman

Well, I still have one more big race to finish the season so hope to include one or more on the above list.  Guess which races I am looking to race?    Love to hear what other races your considering for 2011.   Send them over

Happy Planning for 2011!!

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