Use Your imagination and run barefoot!

Posted on 26 October 2010

Another great training post by Pro-Team member Kata Grimes 

Racetwitch barefoot running

The human body is biomechanically constructed for barefoot running.  The structure of the leg can absorb the shock of landing very efficiently and transform it to kinetic energy. However, if you do not practice barefoot or minimal shoe running from your childhood then your body probably will forget the proper technique of barefoot or physiological running. Running barefoot or in minimal shoes uses different muscles compared to the usual hill strike running in shoes.  It is recommended to start barefooted running gradually and allow time for your body to acclimate to it.

Personally I have never tried barefoot running but I plan to do it someday when  I purchase the five-fingers shoes. Util that time I use proactive barefooting in shoes during trailrunning. I imagine that there are no shoes on my feet and use my sole muscles when I am landing.  I try to grab the ground with my toes and quietly.  I land on the balls of my feet, not to hit the ground hard. Running in this way is much harder then running with a “passive” foot as the sole musles are getting tired more rapidly.  It is a relief for the knee and hip. Try it and have a fun”

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