A simple exercise for strong feet:

Posted on 30 November 2010

A guest post by ProTeam member Kata Gémes

To lower the overload of the ankle, knee and hip while you run you should improve the strength of the leg muscles.  The leg muscles are responsible for stabilizing the position of the ankle and the sole. In the landing phase these muscles can decrease the shock of the absorption and support the sole to touch the ground step-by-step.  Strengthening these muscles can give extra support for the foot and decrease the load on the other joints.

The simplest exercise for improving is the strength of these muscles is to stretch and extend your foot in a sitting position. Try to do extend the end of the movement so you can feel a hard work on your sole and lower leg muscle. Keep your knee stretched during the exercise so it can be a good stretching and strengthening exercise for both the extensors and flexors of the leg.

It can be very efficient if you try to push the back side of the knee down to the ground and lift your ankle from the ground. This can make the movement much harder and more useful. Keep both positions for a few seconds and switch to the opposite side.

Do this exercise 3×10 reps, slowly, and do not forget to keep the contraction at the point of the maximum muscle extension for a few seconds! 

Have a good practice!

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