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A useful yoga ashana for your back and spine

Posted on 05 November 2010

RaceTwitch Back Stretch

Proper Back Stretch

The cobra pose is a favorite yoga ashana, useful to strengthen and mobilize the back. It is useful for anyone with weak or stiff back muscles.  Cyclists who spend hours in forward should especially use the inverse back exercises to compensate for the strain of the back muscles. It is important to do this exercise in a controlled way to avoid injury. 

Lying in the prone position, keep your feet, legs and bottom muscles relaxed. Put your palms next to your chest in a shoulder-wide position. Working from the back muscle try to raise your head and shoulders slowly (do not have to stretch your ankles).

Pull your shoulders back and downward to keep your neck long, stretching from the top of your head. Keep your leg muscles relaxed. 

Hold the position from 5-10 breaths, stretch up when you inhale and hold when you exhale. Next, slowly lower down your body and relax.

Have a good practice!

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