Deca Iron Triathlon Race Summary

Posted on 29 November 2010

This year’s format for the Deca Iron triathlon Championships in Monterrey, Mexico were with the continuous format vs. last year’s 1 Ironman per day format.   The race entailed a 24 mile swim (50 meter indoor pool at the University), 1120 mile bike and 262 mile run.   Also, for only the second time, the Double Deca was being held as well, 48 mile swim, 2240 mile bike, 524 mile run.  Also, a Quintuple Iron and Double Ironman were being held for athletes.

All the athletes arrived and we unloaded tons of gear and prepared for the huge opening ceremony.  This was my third year in Monterrey and every year the opening ceremony is just amazing.   After introducing the athletes, pictures, video, etc. we enjoy an enormous feast with local cuisine and music.   It’s like no other pre-race party of any race!    

Race day arrived and all the athletes rode together with an escort (approximately 1.5 miles) to the University pool.  The water temperature was 86 degrees Fahrenheit! I was expecting it to be warm similar to last year.   I decided to not use the wetsuit to eliminate overheating as I would be in the water for 16 hours.   It was so warm even without a wetsuit and the chlorine content was very high.   Overall, I felt ok in the swim and could not wait to get out as I decided to not take any breaks outside of the water and just ate and drank calories at the end of the pool lane.   As expected, it was brutal trying to lift the body out of the water after 16 hours of swimming as my shoulders had no strength and very sore.    After a long shower to clean off and re-group I was ready to head out on the bike.    I did notice that the chlorine caused ulcers in my mouth and a nose full of blood, and congestion.   This was a common theme for all athletes.

After mounting the bike and having an escort over to the cycling loop (approximately 1.2 mile loop) it was time to get the body and mind into cycling mode.   Overall, the bike went well, the key was to make sure that I tried to eliminate some of the severe saddle sores that occur on longer rides.   It took about 2 days of riding until my shoulders finally loosened up from the soreness of the swim.  After 4 days of riding with sleeping breaks I finally reached the last lap and was excited to get off the bike.   Other than feet pain and saddle sores, I was in relatively good shape.   I decided to run a lap after the bike then time for bed.

Photo curtesy of Decatriathlon Monterrey Mexico

After my nap, it was time for the long, long run.    The first few marathons went well with a few minor blisters but overall feeling pretty good.  The weather was very hot every day from 10:30-5PM so I decided that it might make more sense to run all night and sleep during the day.   Everyone struggled with the heat.   Every day the feet got worse and worse with swelling, blisters and the most difficult hurdle was the pain in the mid-foot area.  There is no question in my mind that the run took the most out of all the competitors.   It became such a constant mind battle, run/walk then sleep then get up and do all over day after day.   

Finally, it was the last day of the run and  a fellow Hungarian athlete was running to catch me.  This was the best thing that happened to me during the run as it forced me to push with everything I had to hold him off.  The last 6 hours, I ran the majority of the time as hard as I could until I got to a “safe” zone with a 4 lap lead.   The result of this push was that I finished before the heat and around 4 hours hours earlier than expected.   
The final lap was amazing!  It was a time for personal reflection of the enormity of this race.   It’s so long with many up’s and down’s but was all worthwhile when I came across the last corner and saw all the athletes, crews, race volunteers at the finish line waiting for my arrival.  It’s just the best feeling, no question.   Rick (crew) was there with a big smile and of course a cold beer.    Total time 267 Hours and 5 minutes.
With every race I learn valuable lessons and the Deca is no different.    This race will be on my calendar for year’s to come!    
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Photo courtesy of Decatriathlon MOnterrey Mexico

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  1. I’m in awe at what you have accomplished. It just boggles my mind. Congratulations, Wayne!

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