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10 Items to remember for your early season marathon

Posted on 21 December 2010

As we end the 2010 racing season, it’s time for base-building for many athletes.   An option for many is to plan on an early season marathon or half-marathon at a warmer destination.

10 items to rememberIt’s important to remember several items when you plan for your first race of the year as part of your base-building in preparation for the remainder of the season.

Here are 10 Items to remember on for your first early season marathon: 

  1. Start out very slow for the first half marathon.
  2. Don’t expect a Personal Record if the marathon as part of your base-building.
  3. Make sure you lubricate your feet as they need to be conditioned for longer miles.
  4. Lubricate area’s prone to chafing especially if your coming to a warm weather race from your colder climate.
  5. If it’s a big race and you bring your family, designate a meeting place at the finish (how many times have you walked around with tired legs and body trying to find your family or friends).
  6. Practice a new mental training strategy for the race that you can incorporate into your summer racing season.
  7. Focus on mental strength and push for a negative split in the race.
  8. If it’s a destination race, pre-plan a couple fun sites to see with your family and friends (preferably after the race).
  9. Don’t overeat at the Pre-Race dinner or you will feel the effects the race morning.
  10. If it’s a warmer location (and you are coming from a cold climate) don’t forget to focus on electrolyte replacement (especially if it’s humid weather)

Personally, I have always enjoyed kicking off the New Year with an early season marathon in a warm location.   It’s a great way to jump start the season and get the racing engine warmed up!

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