Holiday Workouts

Posted on 27 December 2010

There’s nothing like running through the holiday season and reflecting on the year while dreaming/visioning a great racing season for 2011.  For many of us, it’s a bit sluggish at this time of the year for these few weeks because of all the running around seeing friends/family and not eating the best calories.  It’s the off-season and base building time – consider one of these workouts to keep the calorie burn high and keeping the legs fresh.

  1. Snowshoe Running – if your in a cold climate with access to snow, this is a must. Plenty of places to rent the snowshoes and the calorie burn will be significantly higher than running on the roads or trails.  You will be amazed on the cross-over effect when you do your next run on the roads.
  2. 45 minute time trial run – It’s a good time to see where your fitness is and use to compare future time-trials as you move further into your training schedule.   Focus on keeping your heart rate zone in the 75-80% range and see how far you can run in the allotted time (record your statistics, HR average, distance, time, weather)
  3. Hill Repeats – Even if your getting ready for a flat “warm” early season marathon – add some intensity sessions with a series of hill repeats on the road or trails.  Make sure you learn to “lean” into the hill and drive your arms to provide additional momentum.   Keep your heals down as you climb to eliminate achilles tendon issues!
  4. Bike/Swim Brick Workout – Head out for a steady tempo run and finish at your local fitness club and even if your not a swimmer – get into the water and focus on recovery with a swim interval set.  For those of you who are not swimmers, grab a kick-board and kick 1000 meters.

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