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Post Race Lessons

Posted on 07 December 2010

One important aspect of racing for future improvement is to evaluate the things that worked and what did not go according to plan.   It’s fine to make mistakes, but the key is not to make the same mistake twice.   
Consider writing down the specific items that went well and according to your pre-race plan and what went wrong and how you would of done it differently at the next race.  The key is to take some basic notes so you won’t forget it for your next be race.  One lesson that’s important to keep in mind is make sure you have several race plans (options).  

If it’s a long race, you might consider race plan A, B, C.   It will allow for flexibility as the race evolves and how you are performing with the various challenges on race day.   For example, if your doing a multi-day running race and Plan A is to run 75 miles per day and for various reasons, you don’t achieve the objective and are behind after the first day then move to Plan B.   Plan B will offer an opportunity to make up the distance at a later part of the race or a reduced distance.   The key is that you need to be flexible when the race does not go according to plan.

After this year’s DECA Ironman, I learned some new lessons that will incorporate for future races, here are just a few:

  1. Have many more insulated bottles in the event that there is hot weather.  
  2. Different running shoe selection (have more cushioned shoes to provide more comfort during the later sections of the run).
  3. Evaluate many swimming suits to find one that provides no friction from seams.
  4. Consider some tweaks to the training program to include very long walks.
  5. It’s imperative to take an additional bike saddle for comfort purposes.

A written evaluation at the end of a race can be valuable tool to continuing your learning process

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