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It’s that time of the year again – Top 10 fitness scenes

Posted on 22 December 2010

As we approach these crazy weeks of the holiday season leading up to New Years Day we can all prepare ourselves again to see the classic annual rituals of so many individuals who decide it’s time to focus on getting in shape.

It’s always amazing to see it year after year.  There are so many examples, but here are 10 that I see so often every  year and make me smile:

  1. Large crowds at the retail stores that selling indoor exercise machines with the sales team guaranteed to meet their sales quota.  Of course they all know that a majority of these people will use the machine as a clothing rack in a few weeks/months.
  2. Of course the obvious insane scene at your local fitness club.   People lined up waiting for machine
  3. Sitting next to an individual on a stationary bike (male or female) with a ton of perfume on that it makes your eyes water.  Tip – the best way to get them to move on faster than their normal 8 minute work  to another machine is to plan on interval workout and get your sweat flying everywhere!
  4. The grocery store – all of sudden you will notice larger than normal crowds in the fruit and vegetable area’s as now it’s time for healthy eating to loose that extra 40 pounds.
  5. Going to the park for a normal run and viewing large amounts of people walking, cycling and running for the first time in 20 years gasping for breath
  6. At a park, seeing an individual riding a bike while smoking a cigarette.
  7. Stopping at a Panera’s restaurant after a workout and noticing that someone who you saw at the fitness club is ordering a large salad with extra dressing and a large diet coke.  I guess that keeps down the calories somehow.
  8. While doing a swim workout (our fitness club has a glass wall so you can see the exercise bikes, treadmills, etc.) watching the lines of people getting ready to use the treadmills when we get a rare warm day and it’s 50 degrees outside!
  9. February 1st, the fitness clubs are vacant.
  10. Going to the bookstore and seeing crowds around every new diet book/program

Have a great holiday season and have some epic workouts!

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