2011 – RACE Goal setting

Posted on 01 January 2011

Happy New Year!  As we all kick off the year today with the first workout or race you might want to consider doing some different things in 2011 and step outside the norm.   For example,  travel to a destination race, write a book, read a biography of a famous leader, learn a foreign language, start a business around your passion, find a new career opportunity, etc.    It all begins with Written Goals – not “Resolutions”!  I established my personal system several years ago and it’s been an amazing transformation!

Effective Goal Setting – First thing break down 5 or 6 categories that are important in your life:  Family, Career, Athletic/Health, Charity, Finance, etc.  Pick the key areas.   The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to write down your goals and assign a date (3 month, 6, month, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year) when you want it to be completed.   Remember a goal without a deadline is just a dream.    Then you can break down each goal in detail and determine what you need to do daily to meet your biggest short term goals.

I assign my goals into categories and follow the following athletic themes:


R - Realistic – The goal need to be something that is not a miracle but something you can reasonably achieve with your background, skills and of course hard work.

A – Aggressive -  Push yourself to achieve something big.

C – Calendar – put your goal in the calendar with a deadline date.

E – Everyday – The goal must be not only reviewed everyday, but write it down in your journal every day!  Do not look at what you wrote the day before in your journal.  Over time your goal might change and the most important will rise at the top of the list.


T- Timeline – build weekly, monthly timelines.

R – Review the timeline every week!

A - Adjust – as you will write your goals every day they might need some changes or enhancements.

I - I will - start every goal with I will complete ….by June 30, 2011

N- Now - Begin the transformation process now, no time to wait and you will be amazed when you do your review of the goals accomplished at the end of the year .

Consider writing down some goals this year (not resolutions) in all aspects in your life and celebrate your successes!   Get excited (I am!) and have a great 2011 and look for new Goal Setting e-book coming in 2011 through RaceTwitch.com.

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