5 Idea’s For Your Training This Weekend!

Posted on 07 January 2011

As we approach this weekend it sure feels good to survive the week after the holiday’s and getting everything back into order.   The time with family and friends is enjoyable but I don’t know if your like me, but it was time to stop all the running around and not eating normal healthy foods, consistent training, etc.   For many of us, the next few weeks allow opportunities to get back at it with our base building for the season.

Here are a few things to consider this weekend or over the next few weeks:

  1. Time to cleanse the body – I am a big believer in flushing the system and there are a host of programs that work well.   I normally focus on a 7-10 fast and continue to train at lower intensities.   It’s amazing how great I feel when I finish!
  2. Consider finding a “Fat-Ass” run and just go out and run to put in some distance training miles with friends.  They are everywhere and continue to grow with various distances.
  3. Get on the Indoor Trainer (if weather is bad) and plug in a video of the Hawaii Ironman, favorite cycling race, Spinerval, etc. and stick your but to the saddle for the entire time – minimum 2 hours!
  4. Time to focus on one of your biggest weaknesses in racing – mental or a specific area physically and challenge yourself to spend double the time over the next month working on alternatives to make it less of a weakness.
  5. Consider something completely different – go to the fitness club and jump on the Rower for a hour, swimming pool.  Consider entering a snowshoe race – there is nothing like the workout, or just go out and crank out a 5K to get the legs and lungs burning.

Enjoy the weekend and pick something new to challenge yourself!  Let me know what your doing, wayne.kurtz@racetwitch.com

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