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5 Nutrition Tips For A Healthier New Year!

Posted on 03 January 2011

*Guest Blog Post by ProTeam member Kata Gémes

Nutrition Tips for a healthier new yearIn contrast to my previous blogs, as a introduction to nutrition topics I would like to give you some easy to follow tips for a healthier diet in 2011!

1. Eat as much fish as You can! If You do not like fish pick omega3 tablets, minimum 1g / day.

2. The base of your nutrition should be vegetables, fruits, fish and other marine food, meats, egg and oily seed, like almond, nuts, etc.

3. Decrease or do not use refined vegetable oils. Among unrefined oils the best choice is the oil of linseed.

4. Use butter or fat instead of margarine, or better if you do not use any of them.

5. Decrease or do not eat grain products especially made from wheat or rye as they contain gluten.

6. Decrease the consumption of diary products especially milk.

7. Use stevia or xylitol (sugar from birch tree) instead of sugar or other artificial sweeteners.

Happy New Year!

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