Beyond The Iron – A Training Guide for Ultra-Distance Triathlons The Journey

Posted on 21 January 2011

Well the time has finally come after many months of planning, editing and working with my publisher to fully understand the process.   As I reflect on the overall experience, just like getting ready for a key race, business meeting or special long term goal – the journey was the most important part!

Just like everything else in my life, I am driven by meeting specific time-frames and achievement of goals (those of you who know me well understand my “impatience” at times to get things done) and this book was no exception.   My goal was to provide a resource specific to my passion (Ultra-Distance Triathlons) for athletes so they would understand the types of races, training requirements (mental skill and physical skills) to achieve a way out of the box goal.

Many athletes have asked me over the years on how to train for one of these events and thought it was time to get a book in the marketplace to get more individuals to thing about going beyond the Ironman distance.   These races are life changing, just like when you do your first marathon, Ironman or other major accomplishment. I have included specific sections that will apply to any of your endurance racing endeavors so even though the 20 week training plan is specific to ultra-triathlons there are many cross over benefits (especially the mental training, Twitch Tips, Race Checklist) for all athletes.
So the question is would I recommend writing a book to other’s – absolutely!

I know many friends who have asked me how did you have the time, how difficult was it to do, how did you find a publisher, photo shoot, etc.   Well, it comes down to one thing – Just start writing.

So what’s next, well now I know the process and had a blast doing it and am working on book two – specific to my unique approach to goal setting in all aspects of life.   The second time around will be much easier just like that 4th Ironman race or 3rd Marathon – experience goes a long way!

Yes, I have books 3,4 and 5 already planned – yes my wife will kill me!   For those of you considering writing a book on any subject (fiction or non-fiction), please don’t hesitate to email me at and I will answer any questions you have related to the process.

10 Memorable Highlights

  1. Writing everyday, just like a daily workout.
  2. Doing the photo shoot 2 weeks after the Deca Iron with no feeling in my numb feet.   This required about 100 sprints and jumps off of the field to get some air for the cover – man was I dead after that experience!
  3. Editing the book all night multiple times with publisher (sleep deprivation training for race season!)
  4. Grateful for all the amazing testimonials of amazing athletes, race directors, authors
  5. Partnering with a publisher that was remarkable as I sent her another “dumb” question.
  6. Receiving opportunities to speak at many European Marathons about the life lessons of the book – (Limassol, Cyprus, Rotterdam, Budapest).
  7. The process has made me think more creatively vs. mechanical.
  8. Realized I may have been dropped on my head when I was a baby with some of the crazy training idea’s I have incorporated into my plan.
  9. Understanding that publishing deadlines/time-lines are crucial to stay on target.
  10. The excitement of seeing the first book off the press.

The book is available for Pre-Sale on             with delivery around the second week of February.

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