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High 5 Thursday Athlete Carlos Silva

Posted on 13 January 2011

Each week we highlight a specific endurance sports athlete and profile their background, specific race performances and offer insight on training and sport discipline expertise.

This week’s high 5 athlete is:  Carlos Silva

RT: Tell us a little about yourself, where do you live and train?

CS: I live in Potomac, MD right outside of Washington, DC.  I train around Potomac.  Riding and running on the canal into Georgetown, and out in and around the horse farms in the Poolesville area.  I also do much of my training in Wintergreen, VA.  We have a house there and I train in the lake, climbing Wintergreen mountain and running around the golf course.  My dogs Sheba and Devon run with me all the time and go anywhere from 4-7 mile runs with me.

RT: What do you do for a living? What are your average training hours per week?

CS: I just exited Universal Sports as the President after 5 great years building the TV and digital network.  It was fun to be able to bring the Ironman races, Major Marathons, ITU, and the grand tours of cycling to our network so fans could watch in the USA.  I am currently helping Andrew Kline at Park Lane looking at various Sports Business Investments.

RT: Give us an example of one of your favorite workouts?

CS: I am pretty lucky that I have a pool in the backyard.  So my favorite summer workout is a 1000 meter swim, a 6 mile run with the dogs, followed by a 25 mile ½ road, ½ canal ride on the cyclocross bike.  In the winter I love a cold morning ride to the pool about 12 miles away, a 1500 meter swim, and then a cold ride back home.  All my workouts end at Starbucks in Potomac for an iced coffee.

RT: What do you enjoy the most with racing and training in endurance sports?
I really enjoy my time to think about projects.  I also feel like multi-sport keeps me healthy and injury free.  I have been at it for 5 seasons and I feel as good as when I was in my 20’s.

RT: Do you have written race goals and keep a training diary and if so, please describe?

CS: My training diary is usually posted daily to facebook and twitter.  I usually describes what I did, if I tested a new product like I recently have with five fingers, and whether the dogs came along.  I am also a big user of MapMyFitness and Nike+.  But mostly, I like to get feedback from friends on my workout and hear about their workouts.  I am hoping my training gives someone else the incentive to go and do a workout…any workout is a good workout.

RT: How long have you been racing in endurance sports?

CS: My first tri was in AZ in 2006, it was a sprint and I barley finished the 400m pool swim.
RT: What is your specific discipline focus?

CS: I don’t have one.  I just swim, ride and run all the time.  I am a fair swimmer, a good biker, and a pretty good runner.  I just try to get stronger at each and have a good time feeling good about doing it.

RT: What is your favorite race, location?

CS: Kona is incredible.  I love the Boston Marathon and it is close to my heart as I went to Boston College.  I also really loved the Patriots 70.3  I did this year down in Williamsburg, VA.

RT: How many races do you participate in during the year?

CS: Last few years has been 1 Marathon,  1 Sprint, 2-3 Olympic, 1-2 70.3’s, and 1 Ironman give or take.

RT: How many races do you “peak” for during the year?

CS: I try to peak for the Marathon, and for the 70.3 and Ironman.

RT: What was your all time best race performance?

CS: When I came in second at the Maryland State Cross Country Champs when I was in 7th grade.  I was also pretty happy with Kona this year and my 11:38.

RT: What are your thoughts regarding mental performance training?

CS: It’s not for me.  I am a believer in training hard so you are prepared.  If you have put in the time, your mental state will be balanced.

RT: What races are on your dream list?

CS: I have been so lucky to run in Boston and New York, and to be a 2 time finisher in Kona.  I would like to go to Monaco and do the 70.3.  To go to Kona any year is a dream and I hope to go there again.

RT: Any personal Mantra or famous quote?

CS: My tennis coach always told me “If it was easy, everyone would want to do it”.  I always remember this when I am training and when I finish a race.  It is never easy, but if you put in the work you can get it done.

RT: What is your most recent or favorite book that you have read, any subject and related to endurance sports?

CS: Yes, I finished BORN TO RUN.  It was a great book, I really enjoyed it.  I hated to finish it.

RT: What magazines/publications related to your sport discipline that you subscribe?

CS: None.  I read lots of motorcycle and auto magazines though.  Lots of the motorcycle racers are riding bikes.  Ben Spies is even sponsored by Specialized and wears their logo on his racing leathers.

RT: What is your greatest strength during a race?

CS: I have pretty good closing speed on the run.  If I am close and can see someone, I can usually find a little more pace on the run if I need to run someone down.

RT: What topics are of greatest interest for you that we might include in a future RaceTwitch Club Meetup, ex: race nutrition, functional training, specific race reviews, etc

CS:I love gear.  New gear, new equipment, new little devices that people are using from laces, to belts, to sunglasses.  I like to hear how people like the new stuff.

RT: What training and race nutrition products do you use regularly?

CS: I am a GU packet guy.  I also eat peanut butter crackers on the bike in the longer races.  I also drink Gatorade only in races, no water.

RT: What do you do to maintain your fitness post race season?

CS: I train all the time.  I try to never take a day off.  I do short workouts on my rest days…3-5 mile run, or 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by push ups and pull ups.  Those are my rest days.  I really like cold weather training so running and riding in sub freezing weather is ok.  I have become a bit of a cold weather gear expert from tops, bottoms, to pull-overs, and gloves.

RT: Have you planned your race calendar for next year? If so, what are some of the races and your goals?

CS: I was hoping to run Boston as I qualified with a 3:20 in 2010…but it is full and I missed the signup.  Otherwise as of today, I have nothing on my calendar.  But it will fill up in the next 30-45 days.  It always does.

RT: Any words of wisdom or advice you would offer to improve quality of training and race performance?

CS: Understand your equipment and learn to get it ready yourself.  Switch shoes from run to run to improve your foot strength and prevent injuries.  Learn to enjoy training by yourself as you will maximize your time.

RT: How can people get connect with you further?

CS: AIM:  casilvajr Email: Mobile:  301-802-3747

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