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Juicing for Recovery – Tribute to Jack Lalanne

Posted on 28 January 2011

It was sad this past week to see the passing of such a great man of health and fitness – Jack Lalanne.   His story is inspirational and wow did he have a passion for like and helping people!   Personally, one great thing I learned from all of Jack’s teachings and education was the power of juicing.

Yes, I watched his infomercial many years ago and ordered his juicer.  He was a good salesman as well!  I figured, there might be a way to add juicing to my diet to further enhance recovery from workouts and maintain energy during the day while traveling on business (where it becomes difficult to carry to many clean foods).

The impact on my training, energy levels and especially recovery was immense through regular juicing every day.   There are many juicing recipe books that you can find on Amazon for plenty of variety.   From a time management perspective, it’s easy.  Just take the vegetables, fruits, along with protein powder, etc. and throw it in the machine, push the button and all ready to drink.   Cleanup of the machine is the only time consuming item.

Here is one of my favorite juice Recipes (this will make several servings):

3 bunches of Kale (this stuff is magic!)

small piece of Ginger

3 apples (organic)

1 lemon (skin on)

4 carrots, (organic including tops)

1 celery stalk

1 beet (include the greens from the top)

Tablespoon of Hemp Protein powder

Considering adding regular juicing to your diet, the benefits are amazing to help the body recover from intensive endurance sports training.  If you have any juicing recipes you want to share, comment or send over to me at

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