RaceTwitch High 5 Athlete of the week: Scott DeFilippis

Posted on 20 January 2011

Each week we highlight a specific endurance sports athlete and profile their background, specific race performances and offer insight on training and sport discipline expertise.

This week’s high 5 athlete is: Scott Defilippis

RT: Tell us a little about yourself, where do you live and train?

SD: I am originally from N.J., the Jersey Shore to be exact. I ran track and cross in high school and then went to The University of Tennessee where I was a 2 time captain of the cross country team and ALL SEC Runner my senior year. After college I moved around tabling with triathlon and still running at a semi elite level. Then three years ago I decided to have a go and try to train full time for Ironman. I am now entering my third year as a member of Team TBB. We are one of a few professional triathlon teams but have arguably had the most success with over 30 Ironman and Half Ironman Championships as well as several word titles.

Because I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Team TBB I have had the chance to travel all over the world training and racing. I still spend a good part of my year at home in N.J. but I try and escape in January for a month or two, I am currently training in Newport Beach, CA. Then come late February or early March I head to our team’s first training camp which for the second year will be in Krabi, Thailand. I return to the states in the April to do some racing and then it’s off to Leysin, Switzerland where our summer camp is held. Then I finish my year off back home in N.J. where I base myself through the New Year.

RT: What do you do for a living? What are your average training hours per week?

SD: I race triathlon professionally as well as coach age group athletes through our team’s webpage http://www.teamtbbcoaching.com/ this allows me the opportunity to earn some extra income so that I don’t have to depend on prize money alone to make a living. I am also blessed with having some small financial sponsorship that fills the holes.

I usually train 25-35 hours a week depending on what time of year it is..

RT: Give us an example of one of your favorite workouts?

SD: I love the long ride, especially when it’s done in the mountains. But one of the things I love about triathlon is the variety you get with having to balance 3 different disciplines as opposed to just running. But I would say other than the long ride, I also enjoy the key swim and run sets like 100m reps in the pool or milers on the track.

RT: What do you enjoy the most with racing and training in endurance sports?

SD: I love the feeling of being so fit as a race approaches that you feel like you are on cloud nine. I find that the more fit I get, the quicker I recover from hard sessions, thus the more fun I have. I believe I have bit of ADHD so I also love how exercising helps me channel my thoughts; I do my best thinking while running!!

RT: Do you have written race goals and keep a training diary and if so, please describe?

SD: When it comes to racing, I love to see the progress as racing is the true measure of that. To see the hard work pay off and to push myself to limits I have never been before.

RT: How long have you been racing in endurance sports?

SD: This will be my third year racing Ironman and before that I had been running marathons since 2006.

RT: What is your specific discipline focus?

SD: Ironman

RT: What is your favorite race, location?

SD: Any race in the French Alps, I love Ironman France, Alpe d’ Huez Triathlon, and Embrunman which is dubbed, “World’s Toughest Iron Distance Race”.

RT: How many races do you participate in during the year?

SD: 8-10

RT: How many races do you “peak” for during the year?

SD: 4-5

RT: What was your all time best race performance?

SD: My fastest Ironman is 8:43, which I achieved this past November but I think my best performance was either Alpe d’ Huez triathlon in August where I got my first professional podium finish with a 3rd place result.

RT: What are your thoughts regarding mental performance training?

SD: While in college I worked with Dr. Craig Wrisburg who is one of the sports psychologists at The University of Tennessee. I would meet with once a week so I am a big believer in mental training. Now days I try and do mental rehearsal while out training or while resting in bed in the evenings.

RT: What races are on your dream list?

SD: So much of Ironman is focused on racing in Kona as it is the world championships but a course like Kona does not suite my strengths; however I would like to race there before I retire. Because I am lucky enough to do race professionally I have seen some of the best race courses in the world but I suppose I would like to race St. Croix someday and maybe Ironman Lanzorate.

RT: Any personal Mantra or famous quote?

SD: “If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

RT: What is your most recent or favorite book that you have read, any subject and related to endurance sports?

SD: I am currently reading, “Born To Run”.

RT: What magazines/publications related to your sport discipline that you subscribe?

SD: I try not to read all the magazines but I get Lava Magazine sent to me for being a USAT Member.

RT: What is your greatest strength during a race?

SD: Climbing on the bike and then the run.

RT: What training and race nutrition products do you use regularly?

SD: I get all of my nutritional needs from Personal Best Nutrition. I use Power Bar Endurance drink, Power Gels, Gu, Endurox R4, and Muscle Milk.

RT: What do you do to maintain your fitness post race season?

SD: I don’t really have much of an off season, I usually take 2 weeks of down time with some light training and then do a 4-6 week swim focus since that is my weakness.

RT: Have you planned your race calendar for next year? If so, what are some of the races and your goals?

SD: I will most likely start my season at the Inaugural Ko Samui Triathlon in Thailand, after that I am not 100% certain but for sure an Ironman in May, then maybe Ironman France for third year. My goal for 2011 is to get some top 5 finishes in an Ironman and possibly a podium finish.

RT: Any words of wisdom or advice you would offer to improve quality of training and race performance?

SD: Keep it simple. Don’t get caught up in all the gadgets and training zones, these things can take the fun out of training.

RT: How can people get connect with you further?

SD: I can be reached on my facebook page or through my team’s webpage, www.teambb.com

RT: Any other additional comments you would like to share?

SD: Life is not a dress rehearsal, as the great Mark Twain once said, so make the most of it!!

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