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Posted on 28 February 2011

As I look back over the last year since developing the idea of Racetwitch while cycling during the DECA Iron Triathlon in Mexico with the goal of creating a resource for athletes to build exceptional race calendars in multi-discipline endurance sports around the world.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity and an amazing short journey.  The best part has been the amazing people we have met all over the world!
RaceTwitch.com platform includes over 8,000 races in 12 different endurance sport disciplines around the world.  If you have a race not included in our database, please submit it through the RaceTwitch.com site.   Also, athletes, feel free to submit a race review.
Endurance Racing Report - This resource offers an opportunity to race directors to have a comprehensive profile to provide additional information not included on the race website for athletes.   It can be used to create more buzz about the race.  Also, included  are content articles regarding training for athletes.
RaceTwitch.com Iphone Application – The Iphone application can be downloaded with a link from RaceTwitch.com or Itunes.   You have your race calendar on the road!
RaceTwitch.com Comprehensive Social Media/Content article Marketing Services for Race Directors- We have created a comprehensive social media strategy specifically for race directors to use all the resources
RaceTwitch.com Newsletter – information on races, training emailed each month – no Junk only content.  Go to RaceTwitch and register to receive each month.   Many times race fee discounts are included.
RacePeak.com – Your trusted sports advisor to assist athletes with coaching and unique mental performance and “Ask RacePeak” services.   Register for free – look for extensive information regarding training with our Blogs.
Publishing of first book – “Beyond The Iron” – The ultimate guide to training for ultra-distance triathlons and other endurance events.   Available on Amazon.com and www.beyondtheiron.com.   Book signings scheduled around the globe.  If interested in some publicity and media kit, please email wayne.kurtz@racetwitch.com
Beyond The Iron Book Launch Party – May 21st, Pittsburgh, PA.  Open to the public for free including several runs, food, music – info on www.beyondtheiron.com
RacePeak Training Camps - Scheduled for July, 2011 in Slovenia.   All information on www.racepeak.com
What we are working on here at RaceTwitch.com
  1. RaceTwitch/Limassol Running Club -Cyprus Ultra marathon races – January 2012 –   these will be unbelievable.  More to come, stay tuned
  2. Endurance Magazine
  3. RaceTwitch 100% Raw Food Energy Bars with our partners from 00SuperFoods.com
  4. Online Race Registration Services to Race Directors with unique “give back” program
  5. Race Director Social Media 101 E-Book – How to market your race and establish a social media strategy
  6. Creation of the toughest hot weather long distance ultra marathon in the world, going to be unbelievable!
  7. My World Record Ironman attempt – more to come!
  8. RACE and TRAIN Goals book
  9. Future new locations for RacePeak Training Camps
  10. RaceTwitch Cookbook
It’s been a heck of start and look forward to many new offerings through the Racetwitch.com resources in the future!    If your interested in helping out/partnering and share the passion of endurance sports, please don’t hesitate to email me at wayne.kurtz@racetwitch.com


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