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Purchase Memories Not another Running Shirt

Posted on 02 February 2011

We all compete in endurance based sports and racing for various reasons.  What matters the most to you and provides long-term memories to have an enjoyable race experience?   There are many factors but I would think we all would  agree that it’s not always about:

  1. Setting a Personal Record
  2. Placing high in your age group or overall and receive a trophy
  3. You received “another” performance tee shirt
  4. You receive a medal at the finish line
  5. The bag of “swag” and products we all tend to collect.  How many packages of Ibuprofen, sunscreen, lip balm do we all have!
  6. Pre-Race Pasta party
  7. Purchasing more products at the expo as the deal was too good to pass up – How many more running shirts do we need!

Think about your most memorable races and make a list of what matters most to you.   In many cases we will have a tendency to remember the following:

  1. Building new long-lasting relationships with fellow athletes, going to a race in a location where you did not know the language
  2. Seeing your family along the course cheering you on when you were feeling “down”
  3. The excursion you added to the destination race, something in addition to the race including touring the city, experiencing the culture of the specific area
  4. Pushing your mind to overcome a hurdle in the race
  5. The specific course scenery – mountain views, etc.
  6. The memories of the times when your crew/family/friends
  7. Running through the finish line with your kids, spouse, friends

Enjoy your racing experiences and remember to have fun, value what’s important and it’s ok if you did not set a personal record.  What’s your most vivid memories of racing, send them over to me at

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