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Super Bowl Sunday Commercial Workout

Posted on 03 February 2011


Well it’s the big weekend of football here in the USA.  Of course my team, Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing AGAIN!   Yes, I live and breathe the Black and Gold and Steeler Nation!

It’s amazing, that every year American Football continues to break records with attendance and viewing, does it remind you of something else.  Yes, our passion and popularity of endurance sports.
A couple of must do items during the game (during the commercials) do the following to reduce stress (yes you will look like an idiot if your at a party, but that’s ok in my mind)

15 pushups

50 crunches

During one 2 minute commercial, do a body pike for 1 minute, then jump to 1 minute of Hindu Squats.

There are plenty of updates with resources, check out the video and of course HERE WE GO STEELERS!!   ENJOY THE GAME!

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