Top 10 Reasons To Run on Trails

Posted on 29 March 2011


As trail running continues to grow and become extremely popular after all the recent press, race growth and injury prevention articles it still shocks me how many runners won’t consider running on trails.  I hear all the time “because it’s “slower” than roads”.   Yes, you may run a bit slower by not having a flat surface like the roads but the benefits of trail running are immense and there is more to running than setting a PR on your training run.   I have spoken enough about not leaving your race day on a training run as I still see so many athletes not adhering to the rule.

  1. Trail Running makes you feel like a kid again especially after falling, shedding some skin and of course coming home full of mud.
  2. There is nothing like coming over a mountain through the trees and seeing the sunrise after an all night run.
  3. Running single track at 3AM with just moonlight is priceless.
  4. Trails strengthen your tendons and ligaments of the feet to make you less susceptible to stress related running injuries.
  5. Having a deer  startled (from sleeping) and jumping in front of you on the trail.
  6. Running through streams and having wet feet and knowing they will dry out.  Don’t be a sissy and run through the streams vs. all this dodging of light stepping on rocks, you will be ok and if prepared you won’t get blisters!
  7. Hill Repeats on a trail are much more interesting than running on roads, especially when running down for recovery.
  8. No cars – nothing thrown at you from idiots in cars and trucks.
  9. Jumping into a cold mountain lake during a hot run and of course snowshoe running in the winter.
  10. No noise pollution and just the beautiful sound of nature.

Get off the roads a couple of days a week to add some spice to your normal routine!


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