Wayne’s Weekend Workouts – (WWW)

Posted on 25 March 2011

This will be a weekly Friday feature of Endurance Racing Report with two specific goals:

1.   Many athletes ask what are my key workouts of the week.     Of course we all have different focuses on training and racing but wanted to share some interesting one’s that I add to my program to keep it “fresh” and to constantly mix it up.   For example, I might include mixing it up completely and not include the normal long biking/running workouts for the weekend and will do a set of 3 continuous sets of Insansity (brutal workouts) followed by a short trail run.    If you want some challenges or different idea’s for the weekend, I promise to give you plenty and mid summer will include some of my normal “insane” workouts.  Take a version of it or complete the entire workout. Of course – have fun!

2.   As a lifetime learner of all the various items happening in endurance based sports, I am always interested in hearing what other’s are adding to their weekend workout.  Please send me your epic weekend workouts as I would love to try them as well.

So here is the first edition of WWW as I am in base building section of my training and some recovery from the Double Iron a few weeks ago.

Saturday:  2-3 hour aerobic ride  - this a ride that where I will just cruise.  Effort is comfortable at L1 (Level 1) to mid-L2 (Level 2), so not really pushing.  Great effort for relaxed group riding.  A few sprints and attacks will just be icing on the cake.
Finish feeling refreshed, not more tired when I started is the goal.   Just “put in the time”.

Sunday:  3hrs of endurance ride.  —much of ride aerobic at 60-70% of max HR or 50-60% of LT watts.  -  I will include a few 20-30minute efforts where I will include a nice strong aerobic tempo effort.  - Will finish with last hour stronger than first hour.

30 Minute Run – If weather permits, brick this after biking.
Keeping it mellow HR low and going just long enough to get in my running groove on! —  I will mix some run drills in and 6x10sec strides in near the end.

So, let’s hear it – What are you doing this weekend!  Send them over or post on FB, Twitter or to me at wayne.kurtz@racetwitch.com

Enjoy the weekend!





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