Running in the Rain

Posted on 20 April 2011

Springtime in the eastern United States brings plenty of flavors of weather from March through May. There is “normally” a common theme of rain in April and more than anything it will add some invigorating changes compared to cold blowing snow that we face during the winter months.

As I look at Spring running, especially trail running it’s interesting to see the effects of the winter in the forest. Interestingly, I tend to bring five senses into the workout and it makes the runs so enjoyable. Just part of nature, but normally I see and smell the many various animals that did not make it through the winter including possums, raccoons, deer that are in various places throughout the woods. Of course there are fur balls everywhere as these dead animals become food for the other various creatures roaming through the woods. Probably, the best feeling while running in the rain in the woods is finally feeling the warm air in the lungs and removing all the layers of clothing. Oh, what a feeling to to just have running shorts and no tights, layers of coats, hats, gloves!

As spring is a renewing season, put some life back into your running and don’t take the easy way out and not venture outdoors to run in the rain.   Running on the “dreadmill”  in the spring makes no sense to me as it’s time to start packing in quality miles without suffering in the cold.   Now, there are plenty of times while running in the rain when the temperature drops and can become quite miserable if your not prepared with the appropriate clothing.   However, wet feet, mud on the legs and a good soaking rain always makes me feel alive.  Yes, there are all these Gore-Tex, water-proof shoes, etc. to keep you dry but not for me.   It’s time to get dirty and feel like a kid again!  Also, the side benefit of training in the rain is that come race day when the weather is always unpredictable you are prepared for the elements.

Embrace the rain this spring during your running and get out there, no excuses as we know what’s coming next – 90 degrees and heat of the summer, can’t wait!



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