Reskin-XL – Anti Friction Product Review

Posted on 04 May 2011


I came across the Reskin-XL at the Rotterdam Marathon expo.  I noticed a crowd of runners in front of the booth and was not sure exactly what the product was all about.  There was a mannequin at the booth with patches of cloth all over it so curious I went over to check it out.

I watched a demonstration with applying the tape to the skin and then adding water to it.     I was amazed on how it does not pull the skin/hair when taking off along with it can be re-used multiple times!   Unlike Nip guards and other products they pull on the skin when removing and can be painful.   Of course they can only be used once.    The owner showed me pictures of several cyclists that had used the Reskin-XL to cover their entire but with the tape where friction could occur for a long 3,000 mile bike race.   It was amazing, no saddle sores, etc.   He also, had a picture of what a person looked like who did not use it – you get the picture – saddle sores, etc.

I decided to buy a package of the Reskin-XL to test as I have not seen anything like it in the U.S.    I tested it on chafing areas during a 5 hour humid run.   The tape stayed on, no abrasions or chafing!    I wanted to see how it would handle blisters on the feet so I went out later the next week and “forced” some feet blisters/hot spots by not wearing socks and then applied it during the run (on muddy wet feet).  To my amazement it provided instant relief and I was hooked.  I tried it on several 4 hour sweaty indoor trainer rides no friction or chafing!   The product is made of perforated Lycra® with a special adhesive medical grade silicone polymer gel.  According to the owner,  “After an intensive period of testing in laboratories and in practice, ReSkin® is now successfully used by world-class cyclists”.

Final verdict – the best anti-friction tape on the market!

So if your interested in trying it out please let me know, I plan on importing from the Netherlands to have available through our shopping cart at


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