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Don’t Listen to all the Hype

Posted on 29 June 2011

How many times have you read an article about an upcoming movie and the author’s reviews are horrible.  They mention everything wrong with the movie and for many it will be a deciding factor of potentially not going to the movie. I hope some of you make your own decision and not be influenced by the reviewer and go to the movie!  It’s just one person’s opinion. The same holds true in listening to all the advice, with respect to training for your key race, along with specific products that guarantee almost everything including setting a personal record.

There is so much information available in the marketplace on how to perform at your peak level come race day.   The best shoes to use (of course the minimalist shoe revolution), must-have compression tights that will make your quads not feel as fatigued (yes I tried them and my quads felt the same after a long run as “normal” running tights), compression socks, coaches who don’t even race but are great marketers, aero bikes, carbon fiber must have bike, aerodynamic hand held water bottles (this is crazy!), aero bars, aero helmets, GPS must have watches, the fastest swimming or wetsuit, etc.   All of this hype to sell products and services is just like the movie reviewer stating that the follow up to the first movie is bad – for example “Hangover 2” movie. I actually liked the second movie!

With the explosive growth of endurance sports, I still marvel at races with all the “stuff” and walking testimonials of coaches promoting the new breakthrough training approaches.   In most cases it’s just marketing and nothing concrete to prove the theories.  I am not advocating completely against testing various new training methods or products; however sometimes consider just going with your own decisions.  Does it now mean that a heavier shoe won’t be effective and that if you heel strike during running that you can’t run fast and will be injured continuously – non-sense to me.

I can’t wait till the next break through training or product idea. Who knows it might be a few years from now that  minimalist shoes are not for everyone and the manufacturers will be promoting some new heavy shoe. Make your own decisions and one thing that will never fail – training consistently over time.  It will provide the best opportunity for a personal record not the shoes you are wearing or bike composition you are riding.

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