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The Cyprus Ultra

Posted on 01 June 2011

The creation of Cyprus Ultra™ originated from the ultra running passion of its founders Wayne Kurtz andMike. Wayne from the U.S.A., Mike originally from London and now living in Cyprus. The first time these two met was at the Limassol marathon in Cyprus February 2011. During the marathon (while on the run!) they discussed how perfect Cyprus was as a big race venue and how in only a matter of time before someone created a big ultra running event. Cyprus has year round sunshine, beautiful beaches, thousands of beach side bars, cafe’s and restaurants and a spectacular mountain range as its backdrop. With easy reach from Europe and low costs flights from the U.S., it seemed the world, and indeed Cyprus was missing out a big ultra event.

It took no time at all for their passion of ultra running to come up with the idea of creating a monster of an ultra marathon in Cyprus (just three days in fact). There was just one condition that Mike asked of Wayne, “if we decide to host this race, it must be one of the greatest ultra running races the world has seen or we should not do it at all”.

So here we are, after some four months of sleepless nights, planning, creating and with no advertising budget, we now have runners from all over the globe signed up for the January 2012 – 50 miler, and more incredibly runners from all over the U.S., Europe and even Australia signed up for the July 2012 135 mile extreme ultra called the Donkey Run™. With predicted temperatures of 100F + with 90% + humidity, you can only wonder who’s the more obsessed about big extreme ultra’s, the organizers of such a race or the runners who have signed up to run it!

Every Cyprus Ultra™ runner can expect the following;


  • Situated in an area of natural beauty high in the Cyprus mountains, our race day meeting will start from our privately booked traditional stone built mountain restaurant (with spectacular mountain views of the race trail). Friends, family and supporters will be able to enjoy all the facilities of the restaurant throughout the duration of the race. Beautiful mountainous surroundings for all to explore while they wait for the runners to complete the race.
  • Free fully stocked aid stations at suitable distances along the course, designed by experienced ultra runners to ensure runners have adequate food, water and access to medical personnel. Unlike other big ultra’s, you will not have to pay for your own crew to be on the trail making the entry fees extremely good value. All the ultra runners favorites will be available at the aid stations, food bars, fruit, boiled potatoes, sports drinks etc.
  • Free unique finishers trophy guaranteed to put a smile of pride on your face, watch this space. You will need to finish the race to receive this item and that ain’t going to be easy!
  • Free swag bag full of goodies from sponsors and a high quality Cyprus Ultra™ performance racing shirt, a free shirt you’ll actually want to run in!
  • Free after race celebration party in our privately booked mountain restaurant. A full sit down meal of 20 different plates of traditional authentic local food. Yes, that’s 20 plates of food per person! Known locally as a ‘meze’ its a mother of a meal like no other. Also live traditional Greek Cypriot music and singers, plus professional traditional dancers. An after race party like no other, its one you’re not going to want to miss! Partners, family and friends are all welcome to join the celebration party, there’s an additional fee of just €35 per person.
  • From our exclusive mountain retreat base camp, we’ll be having one last get together two days after the race with our ‘Good By Cyprus Ultra™ Barbeque’. Views from our base camp are breathtaking, total silence deep into the mountains. We have a comfortable cabin there (more of a wooden shack than cabin!) that can seat 30 people, tickets to this event will be limited to first come, first served. Barbecue tickets can be booked in advance for €25 per person. Free food, beer and wine is all included A great way to say goodbye to your fellow runners from all over the world in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and in an area of spectacular natural beauty.
  • Free guided tours of the best beaches, restaurants and beach runs for those of you planning to stay a few extra days (or weeks!) in Cyprus post race.


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