Volunteering Time in our Passion

Posted on 12 August 2011

For many endurance based athletes the personal goals in the early years may include improving times/longest distances, setting a personal best time, qualifying for certain events, finish a specific race series, getting fitter and changing lifestyle, etc. One thing to consider in the future is to personally “give back” to the sport and spread the personal passion of endurance sports to other’s.

As we race over the years, the focus for many is to continue to promote the sport and make sure the next generation of younger athletes remains in the sport. I speak with so many athletes and one ongoing theme is that with the growth of all endurance sports what are collectively doing to make sure the momentum lasts into the future. It’s a lifestyle and for many not just about participating in the events.

Here are a few items to consider to help others and the sport disciplines that we love:

  1. Write a blog with training advice not a story about yourself
  2. Volunteer to help someone with personal one-on-one coaching and compete in the same race. This will help them stay motivated as well
  3. Volunteer at a race
  4. Set up local community fun run to promote exercise
  5. Race to raise money for a charity
  6. Become a “voice” with idea’s and not personal agenda’s within the various running, triathlon, cycling non-profit organizations. Don’t just sit on a board, participate
  7. Participant in forums to spread information about specific events
  8. Volunteer as a coach for a local children’s track, swimming, or cross country team
  9. Host a free camp for athletes and invite several speakers to discuss specific training topics along with group workouts
  10. Lend out training books, online software, various technology devices, wetsuits, equipment to new athletes so they understand all the specifics of the sport. Also, offering assistance with goal setting to newer athletes while creating personal value

Embrace the passion of “Giving Back”!



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