Wayne’s Top Two Strength Training Workouts

Posted on 08 September 2011

As outlined in Beyond The Iron book, www.beyondtheiron.com

Here are two cross training strength workouts that will help with overall body strength and explosive power.   I suggest doing each workout every week during your base-building period.    Have fun!

Cross Training Strength Test (Approximately 45 minutes)

  1. 5 minutes very easy spinning on the indoor bike
  2. 10 minutes hard resistance gear while seated (no standing)
  3. Immediately jump off the bike and do 100 Hindu Squats while holding a medium weight or medicine ball (look online for technique)
  4. After Squats jump rope for 5 minutes straight (preferably on a mat)
  5. Jump back to the bike (switch to biking shoes) and stand for 10 minutes on the trainer big gear – focus on power
  6. Immediately jump off the bike and do 125 Hindu Squats (no weight)
  7. 5 minutes of jumping rope
  8. 50 pushups

The goal with this workout is to increase the number of reps and overall power output (watts) on the bike over time.

Strength Training Workout

Two Super Sets

  1. 8 Squat jumps, working on a maximum height.  “Coil up” at a moderate speed, then explode up.  Can hold a dumbbell between legs
  2. 12 push-up to side plank.  Controlled down, then explode the arms up and into a side plank (six to each side, alternating)
  3. 60 second rest from first set to the second set

Two Super Sets

  1. 20 single leg step-ups on a bench.  Keep heel down and press through the toes at end of the leg extension.   Jump up and land on the other foot and repeat.
  2. 12 back extensions on a fit ball.   Mimic a dolphin swim, 60 second rest between sets

Two Super Sets

  1. 50 thrust squats, come down as far as your leg bends during a pedaling motion, allow arms to raise in front of you as you squat then lower, controlled not “jerky”.
  2. 60 bicycle kicks – 30 to each side.
  3. 60 second rest between sets

Two Super Sets

  1. 100 Hindu squats
  2. Plank – total time 1:30 or as long as you can hold it
  3. 60 second rest between sets
  4. Cool down stretching



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