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Top 10 Offseason Workouts

Posted on 02 November 2011

What are you going to add to your off-season workouts to improve a weakness area?

There are many workouts to consider that will provide crossover benefits to your specific sport discipline.   Here is a list to consider if you have access to snow and/or the mountains in your respective area.

These are in no specific order of ranking just for consideration purposes:

  1. Cross Country Skiing – Aerobic Engine work!
  2. Snow Shoe Running – Power, Aerobic and Anaerobic
  3. Cross Fit/strength training – Intensive strength and Anaerobic Workouts
  4. Cyclo Cross – Cycling Technique, Anaerobic
  5. Mountain Biking if it’s not your specific sport – bike handling skills development
  6. P90X or Insanity DVD programs – Power, speed
  7. Alpine hiking (mountains) – Long Distance training within aerobic zone
  8. Mixed Martial Arts – You might think this is crazy but an amazing workout – Power and strength building of course with some pain involved!
  9. Stair Climbing (Racing as well) – Quad Burn and Lung Burn workouts!
  10. Speed Skating – Long distance or interval workouts – Aerobic engine workout along with amazing lactic acid quad burn.

This is just a list for considerations and there are plenty of other workouts to add to your normal routine.  There are various benefits to each of the workouts or sport disciplines above and find one that will provide additional benefits to you main endurance sport.

It’s time to embrace the off-season and get ready to build in areas for improvement for 2012!

Have fun.




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