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4th Annual Dances With Dirt Green Swamp Race Interview and Facts

Posted on 06 March 2012

 The 4rd annual Dances With Dirt Green Swamp will be held on Saturday March 24, 2012 in Pasco County, Withlacoochee River Park, Dade City, Florida. Complete details can be found at

  1. What time does it start/ check in time, what’s the “average” weather like at that time of the year See website for details. Florida temperatures in March range from lows in the 50s to highs near 80 and can be wet!  Pack a drop bag and more than you think you will need!
  2. How long has the current race director been handling the race, are they endurance sports athletes  Randy Step is the creator and founder of the Dances With Dirt Series and has been an endurance athlete for decades.
  3. What’s the entry fee and what does the athlete get with respect to shirt, medal, food, etc.   Is there unisex sizing for the race shirts? All runners receive a gender specific technical shirt, finisher’s medal, post race refreshments and awards are plentiful in 5-year age divisions.  See website for specifics on registration costs and deadlines.
  4. What makes the race memorable for athletes?   Any recent changes to the course, race, etc.?  The opportunity to see Florida wilderness at its finest.
  5. Is there a pre-race/post-race dinner?   What kind of food/ assume pasta?  Post race refreshments will be provided immediately following the first finishers and will include a variety of fruit, bagels, muffins and more.  Hot food and additional refreshments will be provided at the finish area from 2 pm – 6 pm.
  6. How has the growth been with the race? Steady
  7. Where do most of the athlete’s come from for the race (what states)? MI, FL and a smattering of others
  8. Is there an airport close to the venue? Tampa International Airport
  9. Are there hotels close to the start Yes
  10. Is there anything in the area to keep the kids busy during the race or do I want to leave them home?  The chance to help at an aid station or otherwise and FL has some great stuff for kids if you choose to venture away from the race site.
  11. In terms of logistics is the race a point to point or does the race start and finish in the same area?  All races start and finish in the same area.
  12. Are there an abundance of bathroom facilities or porto-potties at the start/finish and out on the course? Plenty of bathroom facilities at the start
  13. Are there any specific training idea’s to prepare the athlete for the race, based on the specific course terrain  The course is mainly flat but could be wet and does venture of the trail a bit, so it would be a good idea to train on some trails especially after it has rained so as not to be concerned about running through potential mud and/or wet areas.
  14. Any traffic issues to be concerned about on the course No
  15. Any advice for a first timer Follow/pay attention to the course markings and NOT the person in front of you.  Remember to look up and appreciate the beauty of the area!  Plan on getting a bit wet and/or muddy and have fun!
  16. Aid stations, how many on the course, what are the specific items/products at the aid stations  Aid can be found every 3 – 5 miles and will contain some and/or all of the following items – bananas, pbj, energy gel, water, electrolyte replacement beverages, coke, potatoes, trail mix, cookies, chips
  17. Is the course clearly marked, what is used? The course is clearly marked with different color ribbons.  Runners are given advanced notice as to which color they are to follow.  Signs are also used.
  18. Is there a race expo? No
  19. Budget Items for summary of costs: See website for details.
  20. Are there grocery stores close by, if so how far from the start of the race Yes – 10 miles or less
  21. Will there be water and or coffee at the start of the race Water will be available
  22.  Is there cell phone coverage in the area? Yes – for the most part
  23.  Is there a race photographer on the course? Not officially
  24. Why should an athlete consider this race? This is a unique opportunity to see a beautiful part of Florida and its wilderness where you otherwise likely would not venture.  The atmosphere is both fun and competitive, the course challenging while doable and participants can choose from distances ranging from 10K – 50 Miles as a team or individually.
Put this race on your calendar and have fun!!



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