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Spring Marathon Season is Here – Top 5 Ideas

Posted on 24 March 2012

It’s the annual time of the year for all the spring marathons.    Also, for many it’s like a right of passage that to kick off the season with a marathon.   For many the challenge is to get back to racing form as quick as possible.   The best thing about picking a spring marathon is that if your in a cold climate during the winter it will keep you focussed on staying fit and getting in the workouts even when it’s cold and blustery outside.

Hopefully, you have established some goals for the race.   As we all know, the first race of the year for many is the marathon and it’s important to be realistic in your expectations of your race performance.    If the race is not a key event in your schedule considering experimenting with different fueling sources, shoes, etc. just to see what might be added to your overall racing season to enhance performance or comfort.    Of course it’s always a great time of the year to stock up on running gear at the expo’s that are held in conduction with the larger marathons.

Top 5 Marathon Ideas to Consider

1.  Focus on a Negative Split – tough mentally but will build tremendous confidence as you head into the start of the summer racing season.

2.  If a PR is not the goal, consider adding a bike workout the day before the race (if you a multisport athlete) to get the effect of running on tired legs.

3. Pick a new marathon versus the same standard race you do every year.   It’s amazing what a new course can do to add some fire into your training.   Don’t ride the course the day before, let it be a surprise.

4.  Be a pacer for someone or a pacing running team.

5.  Run the half marathon instead of the full marathon and go for all out speed to see what you have in the legs (if marathon training did not go according to plan).

It’s always a great time of the year to kick off the season and start planning for the great adventures coming throughout the summer!   If you have not signed up for a 1/2 or full marathon there is time.   Also, it’s always a joy having to walk down the steps the next day with sore quads!    Happy racing.

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