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Ironman St. George UTAH, 140.6

Posted on 18 May 2012

Endurance Racing Report from Mike Bowers,  Triathlete and Race Director in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Mike is a mutiple Ironman finisher and was on Team USA 2009 and participated in the Long course championships in Perth Australia..

Mike was interviewed by William” Ironox” Pruett, Head Coach at

St. George Ironman will now become a 70.3 starting next year.  What are you thoughts and the vibe you felt at the Race.

Mike: It seemed the community was a bit sadden. They have great volunteers at the race.  I think this will carry over to the 70.3.  I have never felt so welcome to the city and the race.  St. George is a great community..

Give us a synopsis of the RACE and  each event?

Mike: The swim was great, for the first 10 minutes.  After that it was a swim from Hell. The wind had picked up to 20-35 mph, Swells were close to 4 to 5 ft, it increased my swim time to 30 minutes. Approximately 100 plus swimmers were pulled from the lake.

The Bike was equally challenging, on some descents i was going 11 mph  and then others I was doing close to 45 mph. It was definetly a white knuckle expeirence.

The Run was a calming effect, everybody was talking about the day and how everyone that finished pulled some mental tricks to get through to the finish line.

Thanks Mike for the short Race report.

We know you put on three races in the Metroplex of Dallas Fort Worth.

Mike: Yes, I put on three races for beginners and a nice olympic distance race at Lake Bridgeport. You can go to to find out more about the races.

William Ironox Pruett, is a ultra triathlon competitor, having just done Double Ironman Tampa Florida. He is the Head Multisport Coach at a friendly, budget oriented Coaching service for beginners and Veterans…

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