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30 Hours – 3 Days Training Goal

Posted on 03 July 2012

3 Days and 30 Hours

Challenge Training

As we continue through racing season through the summer months I feel it’s imperative to continuously switch up the workouts to remain fresh and avoid the dreaded burnout.   As you examine your key races, think about 3 day series of significant volume workouts.    It becomes a milestone to complete the workout and the mental strength that is gained is immeasurable.

Here is my challenge for you if interested for long distance athletes.  You can alter the workouts of course based upon you specific distance and/or specialty.  You will complete 3 different workouts with different disciplines per day.   For example, you can include sports such as rowing, running, cycling.      It does not have to include the three sports of triathlon, however an aerobic component needs to be the objective of the discipline.   For those of you who use P90X, Insanity or Cross Fit, they will work well but you must watch the overall intensity (minimum of 1 hour duration for each of the three sports per day).

GOAL:  3 Days, 3 Workouts per day/3 different disciplines with a minimum of 1 hour in each, 30 Hours total.   The fatigue will increase each day and you will need to hold back early on during the first two days to complete the 3 days and more importantly to finish the longest day overall – day 3 strong.    Think of it as a long slow negative split!

The focus of the workouts is over-distance training with targeted goals for each workout.    If you have a weak area, focus on it for 40% of the total hours – so 12 hours.  For example, my focus will be running, thus 12 hours total will be my running goal.

Example Workout (Run Focus)

Day 1:

Swim 1 HR – Long distance swim and include 1500 meters of kicking, keep heart rate in the aerobic zone.

Bike 4 Hours (mix of hills and flats – aerobic zone, during the last hour pick up the pace for 30 minutes at 80% target heart rate range, don’t crush your legs but get the heart rate up gradually)

Run 3 Hours(preferably trails or a softer surface other than roads, only goal is to keep heart rate in the 70% target range – steady)

Strength  (optional) 1 set of – 30 pushups, 30 Hindu Squats, 30 seconds jump rope

Total overall hours – 8

Day 2:

Swim 1 HR  (2 main sets, 25 X100 meters with 15 seconds rest or hold a specific interval time a 1000 meters at your race pace)

Bike 4 Hours  – 2 hours at 70% target heart rate range, 10 X 4 minutes at 80% target heart range with 3 minutes recovery between each, the remaining time, 60% target heart rate rang

Run 4 Hours – aerobic run – 65-70% target heart rate range

Strength:  2 Sets of 30 pushups, 30 Hindu squats, 30 seconds jump rope

Total overall hours  –  17

Day 3 (Over distance fatigued day) – Consider adding some overnight training as this is the final day

Swim 1 HR (Kick for 15 minutes, pull 15 minutes, swim 15 minutes, last set 5 X1:00 at race pace 80-85% target heart range, then warm down)

Bike 7 Hours  – 75% target heart range with 3 X20 minutes at 80% target heart range within the 7 hours

Run 5 Hours – 4 hours at 75% target heart range, next ½ hour at 85% range, last ½ hour slow jog or walk.   Negative split is the entire focus of this run.

No Strength Training

Total overall hours – 30 HOURS!

This will be a tough 3 days, be sensible and use common sense.    Added benefit – some sleep deprivation training


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