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Do You Have Workout Goal?

Posted on 15 August 2012

Training logs via paper and computer are part of many athletes’ daily agenda to see what’s on the docket for the specific workout.   There are so many items that can be monitored today vs. years ago with all the technology advances.


For example, cyclists might monitor average RPM’s, average speed, and average watts, along with all the various heart rate ranges.    This is all fine to have this information downloaded to charts and spreadsheets on the computer, but how often does an athlete have a focus of exactly what the top 3 goals are of the workout and specific written follow up of what went right and wrong.   This is a great way to look for opportunities for performance improvement over time.


Many athletes miss the most important parts of the workout:  Goals for the workout and more importantly a review of the workout of what went right and wrong and how to improve going forward.


Consider adding the 3 questions to your training log:


  1. What is the main goal of the workout?
  2. Did I make the goal or not?
  3. What 3 things do I need to do differently to enhance my future performances with my daily workouts?


The benefits of adding these questions to your log will allow you to revisit where you made mistakes in your training or where the training was dialed in and you performed your best at the specific target race.    It’s important to look at your training log and see the numbers going up in terms of distance covered, etc. but the most valuable point is to have a focus of every workout and they must have a specific purpose or goal.    If you want to see the most improvements in your racing, consistency is most important and then look to your workouts and make sure you have a written goal and monitor the results.


Try it out today and don’t forget to look back regularly at your training logs and learn from them!


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  1. Wayne Kurtz says:

    Hello Jennine,

    Wow sounds like a big agressive goal. It’s all about putting together a plan, check out



  2. Jennine Mahajan says:

    hi Wayne,

    I am Bob Hand’s FAVORITE cousin [in law]. i need to lose 30 pounds without giving up wine. lol. he says u r the right person to ask. Help?

    thanks, jennine

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