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Year End Triathlon Season Reflections

Posted on 05 November 2012

The triathlon racing season is coming to a close for most athletes and it’s always a good time to let the body recover and start the offseason training schedule. One item to consider is to sit down and reflect through writing what went well, wrong, good and bad during the race season.

Many of us tend to start exploring all the various race calendars for planning the 2013 race schedule and forget to actually take a step back and reflect on the season. The personal reflection time is valuable and should be considered for your year-end post evaluation of the season.

Some items to include in your Personal Reflections (write or type these) – Include in your training log or journal:

1. What was my best race performance?
2. What did I learn about my worst races of the year?
3. Did you have a breakthrough training session, what did it include (specific workout)?
4. Did you meet your goals for the racing season?
5. Was there a specific nutrition, technology component that you added to the success for the race season? If you experienced problems, write in detail what went wrong, as it’s the only way to learn from the mistakes.
6. How consistent was the training for the big part of the race season?
7. Did you make your target training goals for the season, include details of schedule limitations.
8. Add up the total hours training and calculate averages for each of the sports discipline. Was there an area that you spent too much or too little time?
9. Any experiences meeting new athletes that you have built relationships?
10. Were my races scheduled to allow for recovery and a buildup to my target race?

This is just a starting point for the personal reflection questions to consider for your journal. You will be surprised the learning lessons from doing this basic exercise at the end of each season. Over the years you will have all the memories written in your journals and there is nothing like looking back at them to see how things have changed – or not!

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