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2013 – Make It Your Best Year Ever!

Posted on 31 December 2012


I hope you had a great 2012 and most importantly enjoyed some everlasting memories. As you look forward to the New Year of racing, travels, PR’s (PB’s for our European friends), make sure you fully enjoy the “ride”.

5 Ideas for 2013

  1. Establish a specific miles, kilometers, or total hours training goal for the year. More than anything else, consistency in your training will have the most impact on overall race performances.
  2. Participate in 1 new race, location, specific new sport discipline, or a destination self supported personal event.
  3. Plan your season to ensure you peak for your key race. Focus on a few key events.
  4. Birthday – Do something completely different in 2013 on your Birthday and try something to take you outside of your comfort zone. Remember to ask yourself the following question “What is the worst thing that can happen?”
  5. Meet some new passionate athletes to share some ideas, thoughts and build lasting relationships. That’s what matters the most, it’s the people we meet!

Wishing you all an exceptional 2013 in all aspects of your life! Please drop me an email as I would welcome the opportunity to learn from your experiences, and meet you,

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  1. phil orr says:

    last year i did my first marathon, first half ironman and first ironman (wales)so i have entered a double ironman at end of may and then i bought your book. great read but i am only managing 15 hours a week and i have 3 weeks done. ordered some of the hammer products, new trainers and trying to dodge the rain and snow here in n. ireland. will be 49 in a few weeks so only been at triathlons a few yeras after retiring from rugby. i am really struggling to swim anywhere near your distances in the pool at the minute, but we will keep on battering away.7 of us entered so far and the 3 guys who did the deaman last year are running this event at eskragh lake in dungannon. all the best and thanks for the advice.phil

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