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The Dreaded Winter Flu and Training

Posted on 16 January 2013

As I sit here in my home battling the flu which I probably picked up during some international travels I thought it might be helpful to pass on some thoughts related to the dreaded flu bug.

Well we have all heard enough about how bad the flu season will be this year from the media.   Flu shot signs are everywhere and the pharmaceutical companies are promoting their products all over the television.   The big question is what can you do with respect to your training when facing a flu bug.

Also, the ongoing question for endurance athletes is related to missing workouts and how long should you wait to continue and not face a setback in the training plan by starting too soon.  It is a fine line no question and depends upon the severity.  For most athletes it does not take that long to get back to pre-sickness fitness levels.   There has always been this constant reminder from everyone that your immune system is low and you should just rest, eat chicken noodle soup and drink orange juice.   Who ever came up with this recipe?

Depending on the severity of the flu and energy levels will dictate what you can do or not.   I have found many times that even working out and trying to “sweat it out” is not possible but a short walk outside sometimes will help.    Just getting out of the stagnant air of an inside building will make you feel better to just move.   Of course if the flu is severe by all means resting is imperative.

I think we sometimes go over the top with sickness and take every possible medication in the world to fix something that might just be a basic cold.  We live in a world of everything needs to be cured quickly and a short-term mindset.

Here is my formula for recovering from flu symptoms/severe colds

  1. If energy is average then I will walk outside (I know mom might not agree)
  2. Drink hibiscus tea consistently.   Many reports show that the health benefits exceed green tea.
  3. Take extra vitamin C and D and Salmon Oil Caps
  4. Drink 200 ounces of water daily
  5. 1 Ibuprofen every 4-5 hours if there is a significant fever and overall soreness
  6. Eat all organic whole foods

I don’t know if it’s just psychological but this formula normally get’s me back on my feet in a few days.    Try different flu recipes and listen to your body.    It’s like going to the doctor who is 100lbs overweight (and apparently has never heard the word discipline) and your discussing a problem your facing with digestion during races.  They might be able to offer science and medicine but unless your physician is an athlete they don’t know what it feels like.    Through personal experience, I would highly recommend finding a physician who is an athlete with solid testimonials/recommendations that will have a better understanding for diagnosis

Hoping you all stay away from the flu this winter season!

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