Racing and Keeping it Fun

Posted on 04 June 2013

How often do you sign up for a race just to enjoy the course and people followed by taking a few days vacation with the family?    How about doing one race this year with no expectations, no PR attempts, no specific time or placing goals, just go out and actually enjoy the race at whatever pace you feel will allow you to have the most fun (it might be your race pace).


This is difficult to do for many Type a, obsessive-compulsive personalities (like so many of us)!    Balancing work, family, racing and training can be a struggle for many especially when travel time is involved for specific races.    How often do you travel to the race, then to save the valuable vacation time you leave quickly for the airport and it becomes a few days of severe stress.

Earlier this spring, I participated in a California marathon purely for fun – no goals other than adding in a few days of vacation with my wife after the race (SLO Marathon).   It was difficult to not race and focus 100% at the start but after a few miles it was enjoyable to take in the surroundings of such a beautiful course.  Sure there were benefits longer term (a long training run) with the overall racing schedule and peaking for the key events later in the year but the lasting memories of the entire weekend went beyond the race.

Many times we get caught in the endless cycle of racing for PR’s, age group places, pushing new distances, etc. and it’s important to consider the reason we all participate in these endurance races – to have fun and meet some interesting people along the way.    For most of us, we don’t race for a living and it’s ok to dial it back a bit for one event a year and just go in “cruise” mode.

It’s already June, consider over the next 6 months of adding a fun race along with taking a couple days of vacation with the family!   As we know it’s all about making lifetime memories.

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